About MCM

Medical Claims Management is the sound of the future

Our mission

Medi Claims Management is a provider of unique healthcare revenue cycle management solutions to help transform the administrative and clinical operations of all types of healthcare organizations. As medical billing management experts we are committed to consistently and seamlessly offer world class solution focused on your end result.


the competitive healthcare revenue cycle management field. We also help to maintain specific excellence and deliverables within the specified timeframe.

We possess the ability to attract and retain high quality talent which gets reflected in our dedicated, certified and experienced team to provide exceptional service to each of our clients. We have certified professionals on CPC, CPCH, CCS, CCSP and CPMB. With 12 years of experience in this field we are looking forward to expand our processes in a hostile way to become a leading player in this area.


HIPAA guidelines and we have developed a number of control needed as per the security controls framework. We continuously assess the security controls requirements and make sure that the controls are implemented and continuously improved during the sustained business operations.

Why choose us?

    • You get increase in the cash flow

    • You save on high cost of equipment and software because rapidly changing technology decodes into extra expenses.

    • You can easily eliminate training cost

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