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Hospital and Emergency Coding services

Hospital billing management can be interminable and time consuming. Let the staff at Medi Claims Management help you prepare, organize and monitor your essential privilege applications. Our professional credentialing staff will work as your supporter with every healthcare facility and complete the process efficiently.

Ambulance billing management

Expertise and responsiveness are required when hiring a consultant. Medi Claims Management has earned a reputation and it is the leading hospital and ambulance safety consulting firm. The main reason is that we have more than 12 years of ambulance provider experience and we pay attention to increasing your cash per trip.

We understand that along with proper patient care, in ambulance service an authorized and complaint operation is being maintained. Medi Claims Management has provided years of experience in guidance in managing ambulance services.

Why choose us?

Experienced staff

We have experienced professionals with considerable years of experience with facility privileging making use of leading technology so as to make the process swift and efficient.

Cloud based software

You will have access to our software platform to keep track of your progress in credentialing recovering data and files stored on your behalf, to maintain CME history and lookout reporting on your organizational progress.

Focus on your patients

Having the administration and hospital billing management taken care of properly, you will have sufficient time and focus to concentrate on patient care. Let the experienced staff of Medi Claims Management handle credentialing needs and you focus on other important business matters vital for progress and reputation.

Who can benefit from our services?

Solo practitioners
Small practices, who do not have time and staff to manage paperwork process.

Middle & large sized medical groups

Medical groups have desired infrastructure, but lack in dedicated professionals handling credentialing tasks to allow them to focus on revenue cycle duties.

Hospital owned practices

Hospitals and health systems owned by large medical groups prefer dedicated staff to handle credentialing tasks and usage of advanced technological resources for keeping up credentialing for the providers.

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Our services are customized to fit in the unique needs of each client. Please take a minute and fill up the form below and we will send you details of our services. We will call to discuss your needs in detail to work out a service solution suited to your needs. Your information will not be shared outside the organization and will only be used to communicate with you to request regarding credentialing information.

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